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    how to become a famous singer

    Millions of people believe they have what it takes to become a famous singer. For you to break through, you will need more than just talent. You will need patience, dedication and perhaps even a little luck. Give yourself a chance by taking the right steps to get ahead.

    1. Try out for "American Idol"
    This may be the long shot, but others have tried and succeeded, so why not you? Find out when the show is going on the road to audition talent, and arrive plenty early.

    2. Try a Talent Agency
    Seek out talent agencies or a singing agent, and find out which ones are willing to take a look at new talent. Talent Box provides an online resource with a wide variety of agents seeking musically qualified new artists.

    3.Try acting and singing
    Try acting and singing in new media formats, such as Youtube. To stand out, you must be creative in these videos. Get friends together to create a web series to showcase your talent

    4. make sure you love singing and acting as an art form, and that you are not solely in it for the fame and money.

    5. Take voice lessons. Lessons are great for novice singers to learn proper singing practices, as well as for experienced singers who wish to further develop their technique
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    Re: how to become a famous singer

    Millions of people about seeing their name in lights and becoming the next great singer. Shows like "American Idol" have made the dream even closer to reality for some who might not otherwise get the opportunity. However, it takes a bit more than just drive to become a famous singer. Read on to learn how to become a famous singer and start the long road toward realizing your dreams of stardom.

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    I dream to be a lounge singer and I basically practice more and I don't force myself to sing a high note since I know my capacity. You have to have a proper singing lesson and you should know your range when it comes to singing.



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