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    Sep 2012

    Cool Mucisians listing and bands in NOIDA

    this thread is for any musicians in NOIDA to post.

    Ive noticed a bunch of different threads for NOIDA but they get answered very sporadically.

    So if ur a mucisians in or around NOIDA put in ur details like name and instrument and all so that it can be like a classifieds listing or whatever for anyone who is looking to form or join a band.

    As for me

    Im AdDy , A guitarist been playing for more than 4 years now(looking to start or join a band), can play any kind of rhythm and leads depending on the song, i can play the leads for sweet child of mine, sultans of swing, nothing else matters etc so yo get the type i can play.


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    Oct 2012
    Im Vishal ,Plays GUitar but not much.I learned few songs, try to improve myself but didnt get much time bcoz of the job. love to join u if interested. contact -- 9910079695



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