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    Akzshat is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2009

    Luking for --> Pune Based Band


    M interested in forming an english band ( basically Metal ) in pune..
    I play the guitar.....
    and can do clean vocals...
    lukin for other interested members....

    anyone interested plz reply asap

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    Dec 2008
    hmmm...Im part of a two man project right now i got a drummer and i do guitars n vocals classic rock style/alternative/hard rock
    maybe u wud be interested in lead guitar with us? if u play faster stuff like megadeth etc. then its fabulous we'd love to jam with u......prollly in mid april time........
    PM me.....i live in Pimpri chinchwad area....17 yrs old im no wizard of the fretboard but i know my basics well and can write good music.........
    keep grooving
    peace and love>>>>reply
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