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    addy7 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2012

    Looking to form rock/Metal band in Noida

    Hi im a guitarist and have been playing for about 4 years now.

    i consider myself in the early stages of say advanced level (if tht makes any sense)

    anyway im looking to form or join a band to jam with and play or where ever it goes from there.

    genres are flexible

    lookiing for people ideally in Noida but Delhi would also do.

    lemme know if anyone is interested

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    Oct 2012
    Hi buddy
    I am a beginner guitarist.
    Looking for someone to get together and go as far as possible
    as of now i learnt all open and barre chords and scales.
    I love playing guitar
    I only played acoustic as of now
    I am also from noida
    reply if interested

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    Oct 2012
    hi guys

    I am vishal and play fairly good.
    I do a job so find little time to play my guitar but I want to have some guys
    around so that we can meet up and jam together and if possible try to form a band....I am in Noida as of now

    my number is 9910079695
    please call and lets see if we could meet buddies



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