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    Seeking Lead Guitarist for a Classic Rock / Heavy Metal Band in Bangalore

    We're seeking a good lead guitarist for our Classic Rock / Heavy Metal band. Every member has a lot of experience in their instrument. All of us are located in South Bangalore.

    We meet for practice once a week. The band is fully equipped and practicing for some time. We have our own jam room and established contacts with gig organisers and venue managers. That said, we don't focus on money, and all of us have day jobs to support ourselves. That allows us to enjoy our practice sessions and we don't rush our performances, or cover genres which are considered "popular".

    We're looking for someone to play the solos and pick up rhythms / fills for covers / compositions we play. Some of the bands we cover are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest, Megadeth. All of us are huge Iron Maiden fans !

    Accurate timing and soloing skills are very important, so only serious players should reply. Please don't reply if you're unsure, or "want to try". Most of the covers we play are quite complex and if you don't know your chops well, or cannot seriously commit to your parts, you won't survive for a week

    If you are interested, pm me your name and contact details.

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    Hello ! This is Abhishek......I've recently shifted to B'lore and had been playing in a Delhi based metal band as a lead guitarist ! Interested in the kind of music u play.....Kindly let me know !!

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    U may contact me @ 9483742561

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    this is even my genre

    Hi, I am 30 and living in Bangalore. I have been playing lead/rhythm guitar for more like 10 years. Been playing music like blues, rock, heavy metal, all straight 80s genre and had previously played for a band . I love playing songs from bands like gnr, whitesnake, maiden, priest, motley crue, ratt, zeppelin, acdc, def leppard...just to give u an idea.



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