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    pickandwhammy is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2012

    Lightbulb Forming Cover Band in Bangalore

    I'm a guitarist, been playing for about 8-9 years now. I'd like to form a band that covers stuff like:

    King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, The Doors, etc.

    Please note: I'm not interested in forming a metal OC band! They're swarming everywhere these days, plus I'm past the phase where I found metal interesting. Also, I don't have enough time (sigh, work hours!) to commit to a full-fledged OC project: a mix of both is still okay with me.

    I live near Koramangala.

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    I stay in koramangala too.. lets catch up

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    pickandwhammy is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2012
    Sure mate! Are we allowed to give contact information here?

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    PM me your contact number...

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    pickandwhammy is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2012
    Bump. Anyone free this weekend?
    A Lannister always pays his debts

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    logicracker is offline Newbie
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    May 2013
    I play guitar and the keyboard. I'm a metal head but a free style musician, so any genre should actually do with me. I can growl too . Message me incase any one'd like to contact me at I'm in bangalore, shifted recently from Hyderabad



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