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    GautamGauti is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2015

    For Delhi Music/Band

    I'm Gautam,I love Guitar. ....peoples who also love music and music related can be anything like instrument or basically i 'm supposing to create a club where all the peoples who are related to music can meet,have fun and can also know something new about music. where we all can have lot of fun and see new peoples and see new stuffs .i'm thinking it can be good idea to makeing a living club..which can be actuall and not only on internet anybody interested?żżżżżOr another idea.....Belonging from Delhi

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    siddude is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2016
    ghaziabad / near new delhi
    nice idea buddy go for it

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    Jun 2016
    hii gautam, I m also interested in music, and especially singing. I m looking for some people with same inclination towards music by which we can improve ourselves and learn something.



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