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    Exclamation Anybody for jamming in patna???

    we r altogether 3 ppl. a lead guitarist, a drummer n me (rythm guitarist, composer)

    and we are serious to make officially the 1st rock band of Bihar....

    we want less talented but highly inclined attitudes with some flexibility....

    experts forgive us, we want beginners....( handwriting can not be improved at 30's )

    what we r looking for is...

    * a female vocalist (for goth environment)
    * a male vocalist (soft or harsh, that cud be managed)
    * KB player
    * alternate drummer

    ---------students are highly preferred
    ---------vocalists should have clear pronunciation of Eng & Hindi both
    ---------Respect for rock is the most required factor

    ring me on +917808723195 (bugs will be ****ed hard)
    hope it all goes fine..
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    MIDI - Samson Carbon49, M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, KORG nanoPAD2
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    Alok raj is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2011
    hey wt is jamming????
    n i m a male vocalist in search of a band in patna



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