My SoundCloud should be my introduction.

For a written one, well, I'm into music for the past 6 years and have been learning (it never ends) guitar and vocals, by myself. I'm into rhythm guitaring and I'd identify myself as a vocalist. When I compose songs by myself, it's mostly singer/songwriter stuff (Broken Song, Owe it to the Boss is my original if you have already checked out my SoundCloud).

I know a little bit of recording, software programming, mixing and mastering. All the songs on SoundCloud are done entirely by me, myself. I have a little home studio with studio monitors and an Apogee One (audio interface) with a Mac workstation.

I write lyrics and have about 20 of them fully written and more half written. Needless to say, I love singing and writing. It's such a liberal medium, I can be the most honest when I'm writing, when I'm singing.

So, well, I'm looking to form/join a band. I don't mind any kind of music, I like everything (if we are talking about doing covers).

For people, who already have a band, missing a vocalist, tell me the genre you want to do and I'll bounce back to you with a demo if I can.

For people, who want to form a band, email me with your demos and your interests with, maybe, YouTube links of songs that inspire you.

You could mail me at I'm also on iMessage!

Thanks for your time!