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    Classical Guitar teachers in Pune?

    Hey all, I want to begin learning the classical guitar. I've played around with the guitar for about 8 years now, but only played. If anything, I'm still only a beginner, but an advanced beginner, if that makes sense, lawl. I mainly play metal/classic rock and everything in between. But now I want to venture into the classical discipline of guitar, right from scratch. I do have some beginners skill in fingerpicking in that I can play Dust in the Wind very easily, or Landslide to somewhat extent. I can play the starting part of Leyende/Asturias (Issac Albeniz), but did not yet try to go very far. I can play the classical tremolo in Malguena.

    Listing these minimum pieces looks really silly, but what the hell. I basically need someone to guide me through the classical guitar, as learning it by watching live performances on youtube doesn't feel right at all. I really am desparate to learn the classical guitar (and ready to be committed for years to come, if I find a good teacher to set me in the right direction), and for this I need your help! If you know of any classical guitar teachers in Pune, please let me know about them, and anything more that I might need to know about studying the classical guitar!

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    Check it bellow

    Pro School of Music
    Phone no.20-39628992
    Address Shop No 48 Amba Bazaar Complex Basement, Camp,Mg,Road, M G Road, Pune - 411001, Opposite Wonderland

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    Pune Guitar Society

    We are a group of people playing classical guitar. Please get in touch on 9823724458 for getting more information regarding the society and how it can help you. Thanks.



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