It's weird though, your relationship started out great; in fact, it was wonderful! You can remember how your heart soared, your steps were light and everything was rosy. Hard On Demand You were so in love! Now, time has gone by; things have been said and done and the relationship has soured. But you really don't want to give it up because, ironically, you're still in love! You want things back the way they were before or dream of them being even better!

What a tough spot to be in! Believe me, I've been there. I had made the choice to be committed no matter what - and let me tell you, that commitment was sorely tested. Miserable, because I thought I was stuck. I didn't know what to do or where to turn, so I just gave up.

But, thankfully, something buried deep inside me kept on hoping. I thought perhaps there was a way out of my misery so I kept on searching. If you have read this far, you must also have a bit of hope inside you because here you are looking for some answers.

My answer, of course, at first, was that the other person would have to change to improve our relationship. I mean, wasn't it his fault that things were the way they were? But as I searched more and more I realized that perhaps my attitude could be adjusted a little bit (okay, quite a bit). Rock Hard Protocol Review - Does It Really Work? PDF Download!!