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Thread: Waddup!!!

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    hey guys..
    i've been playing guitar for the past 5 yrs... i have zero theoretical knowledge so please dont ask me about scales n stuff. i basically learnt playing from friends and i used to learn how to play songs by ear. now, there's guitar pro which has made learning songs easier.

    i have a band which is unnamed as of now. we started recently and we're yet to perform live. we're a metal band focusing more on OCs. my previous band was called GoldFake and we played rock/metal covering metallica, ozzy, disturbed etc.

    my all-time favourite band is Lamb of God. i consider myself a metalhead but i like all sorts of music- rock, metal, pop et al. nowadays i'm delving deeper into tech-death and djent with bands such as cephalic carnage, circle of contempt, periphery etc.

    i have a Jackson JS35KE Kelly and a Roland 15x cube. i'm planning on buying pedals this summer.

    thats it!

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    Biggest question ...what's your name, and where are you from ??




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