Dear Passionate Guitarists,


I am Siva alias Kavis.

I am very passionate about playing guitar, but not a very good guitarist :(. Good in playing solo tunes than chords, and very eager to play fast tempos.

I have started learning guitar from 1990 (when I was in Washermenpet, Chennai, INDIA). But, it didnt last long due to my master's academical changes. After that I was not guided well, so only my sixth sense was thinking and living with my guitar aspirations.

Last year I have joined laxman shruthi music institute to learn guitar from scratch and it started well. I got a very good tutor Mr. Chakraborthy and he was very impressive about my passion about music.

Due to my professional commitments I am not able to continue with that and now I am in London. If you want me to try your composings please do forward it to me and I will give a try and post my comments. Please help me to continue my guitar aspirations from now by providing your support and clearing my queries as it comes.

Thank you for taking your time precious to know about me.

Keep guitaring,