Lancaster is situated in Southern California's Antelope Valley. The importance of this city has grown since the Air Force started flight tests at Muroc Air Base. Major Air Force activities like place shuttle landings at Edwards Air Force Base have pushed the developmental activities of Lancaster to full acceleration. The continuity of flight test programs has had the most important effect on the growth.

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The Fresh City
The city council has adopted effective eco-friendly practices with the support of concerned and participative residents. The programs are being maintained with continuity. Recognizing the sincerity and zeal of Lancaster towards the environmental cause, US Department of Energy has selected it as 'Clean City'. Lancaster was also chosen for American Public Works Association's Best Environmental Project Award in 2007.
Climate of Lancaster is semi-arid. Atmosphere of the city is usually very clear endorsing Antelope Valley's distinguished fresh air and blue sky. The temperature in summer averages around 96ļ F and drops to around 30ļ F in peak winter season. High winds keep blowing around the year. In the several weeks of July and August frequent thunderstorm is common. Average snowfall is less than 2″.
Around Lancaster, you will discover the nature unfolding layers of her beauty. Antelope Valley itself is an appealing spot to be surrounded by mild fragrance of wildflowers. However, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is an place worth enjoying. Tehachapi Mountain Range provides a majestic view of its 8000 feet great top lines. Saddleback Butte State Park is famous for Joshua trees and other native flora. Native American heritage has been nicely preserved in Antelope Valley Indian Museum.
Scope of employment
The spurt of growth has come over with opening of several retailing companies. Quite great contribution to town's improved employment scenario has come with distribution centers of Rite Aid and Michaels, etc. Intensive redevelopment of the city has also generated significant employment in Lancaster. Five industrial development places have been identified as an ingredient of the redevelopment program.
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