Celebrations are fundamental parts of human culture and culture. They are impeccable times for group festivities, parties and restoring familial ties. Furthermore, Rakshabandhan, a conventional Indian celebration is one such event which truly encourages family and societal bonds. In the quickly changing environment of a cutting edge world where familial ties and individual connections are second to trade, the celebration comes as an invigorating break. Despite the fact that the festivals are basically centered around the relationship between a sibling and sister, the celebration rises above blood ties and includes the entire group.
On the event of Rakshabandhan, siblings and sisters all over the place connect with each other appealing to God for the prosperity of their kin, and wishing them bliss and goodwill. The most critical custom of the celebration includes the consecrated string which is otherwise called rakhi. What's more, it is from the name of this string just that Rakshabandhan is likewise called the Rakhi celebration. The rakhi string is thought to be that effective and the ties it ties are everlasting. Indian convention keeps up that when a lady ties the string on any male, he normally gets to be compelled by a sense of duty to treat her like his own particular sister and secure her no matter what. There are numerous occurrences from history that represents this custom. At the point when Bahadur Shah assaulted Rani Karnawati, the widowed ruler of Chittor, she sent a rakhi to the Mughal sovereign Humayun. Furthermore, touched by this signal, the Emperor is said to have set out instantly with his armed force to help the powers of Chittor. The colossal Macedonian lord Alexander too was secured by the Indian King Porus at the front line as he had been tied a rakhi by Alexander's significant other.

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