Name: Ajiteya . I liked to be called AJ or Arnie.
Gender: Male.
Age: 13
Location: Lavina's heart.
Occupation: Student. Married.
About me: Im an expert CS player. Wanna fight?
Interests: Guitar, CS, soccer, Lavina !!
Favorite Music Genres: Heavy Metal, Nu-metal, Hip-hop, very lil pop too sometimes.
All Time Favorite Artists / Bands: Eminem, Metallica, Megadeth.
Favorite Song: Eminem's my favourite. But too many to name.
Favorite Album and music video: Eminem - The Eminem Show.
Favorite Game/game genres: Strategy and RPG (Counter Strike)
Favorite books and movie shows: Agatha Christie books.
Languages: English, hindi, sindhi, Portuguese.
How you came to know about igt: Internet.
Guitaring level: Intermediate
Favorite all time guitarist/musicians: Slash.
More stuffs you would like to tell others about: I'm the coolest.

All the good one's get banned.
Just reminding em...

Im arnold_aj

If you wish, you can welcome me back.