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Thread: new member

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    kishoreddi is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2006

    new member

    just joined a week ago..what a cool site. i already learned few tabs..thanks a lot to all members/.

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    Morbid_Angel's Avatar
    Morbid_Angel is offline Sid the sloth
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    Jul 2006
    Wallops Island
    Welcome to IGT. Enjoy ure stay.
    You can believe what you want, it doesn't mean you're right. a fact of life.

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    pavan21us is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2007
    HI..nice site..

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    angel_of_sin's Avatar
    angel_of_sin is offline bassist.....
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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    Welcome to IGT both of u.....................hpe u learn more frm dis site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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