Hey guyz... I have an Ibanez GRG170Dx with Marshal MG10CD....I ve been using this combination for quite sometime...Now i feel a need to upgrade the amplifier coz the amplifier makes too mch noise.....Distrtion is not gud as well....I am not able to decide which Amplifier should i go for....My budget is arnd 10K....I dont want to spend money on Effects Processor seperately... Heres the list of Amps i ve shortlisted....

1 ====Hartke G30R 30W 2 Channel Guitar Combo Amplifier with Reverb Rs.8,200
2 ====Kustom Cube 100DR Guitar Rs. 9500
3 ====Laney HCM 65 R Guitar Rs. 10500
4 ====Laney LX 35D Guitar Amplifer Rs.9400
5 ====Marshall MG30DFX Guitar Rs.9300
6 ====Line 6 Spider III-30 Watt Guitar Amplifier Rs.12,800
7 ====Roland Cube 30X 30W Rs.10,900
8 ====RANDALL RX30D Rs.10,700
9 ====Vox Valvetronix AD15VT 15W Tube Guitar Amplifier Rs.13,500

Kindly share ur opninon......