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    nukeguy is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2008

    Me & my band THE NUKE

    Finally The Nuke's on the Run
    Watch Official Debut Release


    Recorded & Produced by Atta
    Drected by Aadil Mushtaq

    The Nuke - Waaday (Official Release) - YouTube

    For years your senses have been longing for a musical ecstasy that can drive over every maniac, every bigot and every music buff. The next big sensation of the era comes as The Nuke unleashes its wings in the never ending skies of melodic escapade.

    These nuke guys are strong headed and smart. They know their job well and perform it religiously. The Nuke as a band is definitely a great addition to Pakistani music scene and is all set to infuse your soul with an enthralling and mesmerizing feeling that you would have never experienced before. You can find band photos, videos and all other information here.

    Until then stay metal and get ready to bombard yourself with the next big thing. The Nuke would be catapulting you anytime!

    The Nuke | Facebook

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    vendettarevived is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2012
    Welcome. Can you tell us how you are affiliated with the band?

    The song was pretty dope by the way!



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