It is not uncommon to see a male with a naked torso; what is quite uncommon is to see male inverted nipples. Face it, men are always looking for an excuse to take their shirt off - it's too hot and they're too sweaty, or they're afraid of s****ing something on it, or it's uncomfortable or scratchy - in reality, they do it because they can. Most of the time, what we're confronted with is a beer gut (nothing unusual about that), or (if we're really lucky), a nice set of washboard abs. Once in a great while though, we notice something odd, rare even - male nipple inversion. Yes! Men can have inverted nipples, too. (And you thought that breast and nipple insecurities could only happen to women!)

Men who have this problem may be hesitant to take off their shirts in public, preferring the relative feeling of safety and security beneath a simple undershirt. They may be afraid that they'll be ridiculed and laughed at by their peers. (In all truth, the beer gut will likely get more jibing than the inverted nipples.)In point of fact, most men have relatively flattish nipples, and they (just like women) have a whole range of nipple prominence - inverted, slightly prominent, to outright perky ones. Male nipple inversion are more of a cosmetic anomaly than anything else (unlike a woman's nipple inversion which might hamper breastfeeding). Males, though - just like their female counterparts - don't have to live with this problem if they choose not to.