diets are all about reducing calories and eating smaller portions, you need to try and stop the hunger feeling. The pangs, the feeling that you just can't go on. Allow yourself to get into this state and you will soon be back to your old ways snacking on anything and everything that is available. That is why I believe that you are best to enjoy 5 smaller portioned meals balanced out over the course of a day if possible. You will still be only eating the same amount of food as three meals but, you would have less time to think of the foods that you have given up in between meals. A top tip is to drink a lot of water before during and after your meals. Always keep an apple at hand. You may be surprised at how filling an apple and a glass of water can be. An apple could well save your diet.

No one diet suits all. You need to plan a bespoke diet that suits your age, your body type, your gender and your physical activity level. A bit of research will go a long way. You will find out how many calories you are allowed and use this information to build a diet that fully fits your requirements. All of this data is available online and for free. All it takes is a little research and a lot of common sense. You will be able to work out how many servings of fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and other protein rich foods that you are allowed each and every day. Try to keep your diet as varied as possible food wise and colour wise. Cut down on the salt. Sorry I know that many people find that adding salt to a meal adds flavour but it has been proven that it is bad for your health plus it makes you both hungry and thirsty. Find out how much salt you are allowed daily and stick to it.