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Thread: Hiya

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    Smile Hiya

    I just want to introduce myself, I'm 15 and have been playing guitar for a while now.

    I hope to gain a lot from this community and also contribute likewise
    "Yeah but can Jimmy Page wear a KFC bucket, swing nunchuks, do the robot and shred on the guitar at the same time?"

    Friend: Why are shitty bands like MCR and Fallout Boy getting more recognition and praise than bands with real talents?

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    Buckethead's awesome

    Welcome aboard!

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    bhubaneshwar, orissa

    Wink hullo

    This is benz and i am 13 just wanted to say hullo as you are the first person in the community ihave seen to be below 17 guess we can be friends.

    Genius is in my genes..................................

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    The point known as the point of conclusion is the point where the mind grows tired of thinking any more...................



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