Hi, I am Sumit and am really new in here.

About me and guitar - well I always wanted to play guitar may be since I was in class seven in school. But could never actually start it for some reasons or the other. I am now 25 and still was hoping that one day I could start learning guitar. I know I am may be too old but better late than never and after all I don't want to die without ever experiencing this wonderful instrument. So just went out today and brought myself a nylon string classical guitar - YAMAHA C 40. And thus my journey begins. I just hope that I will find you guys with me in my journey.

Apart from this I am a Law graduate working in an LPO. Other than that I am a self taught graphical designer and programmer (just as hobby). You can visit my website sumitcbrty[dot]com to know more about me and download some cool stuffs like skins and screensavers - they are free!!!