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    prashant_pkb is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2006

    Hi to the IGT Community!

    Hi I am Prashant, I just bought a new Guitar out of facination. I don't knw how to play it but really wish to play it. How can i learn it? Please suggest!

    Regards & Thanks in advance.

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    Mar 2007
    to tell u the truth, even i bought a guitar just like that, my brother who is a book worm, used to regularly download e books , and read them , be it of any subject right from, astrology to genetics,
    and one day by chance he downloaded this e book, learn how to play guitar, and buy that time i had heard sum guitar music, so i was just very impressed ,headed towards a shop and bought one,

    since then i'm self-taught.
    my first ebook

    u'll find a free downlodable,
    and one more is. complete idiot's guide to playing guitar,
    and mel bay's u can teach urself guitar

    the latter ones can be found on e mule or limewire



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