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Thread: hi...

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    gotmilk is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2009


    I recently joined IndianGuitarTabs and I think it is great site. I am just a beginner, bought a guitar last month (yaaay!!) and took few lessons as well when i visited india for practicing at home when i get a chance and hoping to learn a bit from this (and other) websites before taking more lessons.

    Happy Strumming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sraddhb is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2009
    Kasba, Kolkata

    Smile Unable to play the chords in rythmn


    I have also joined recently to this community.
    I am a beginner so far playing guiter is concerned.
    I have been learning guiter since last 3 months.
    I can play few tunes and some basic chords.

    But the problem I am facing is .. whenever I try to play the chords for any song.. I am unable to change my fingers fast enough to play the next chord. By the time I do that.. the rythm is gone :-)

    I am practising on this.. My teacher says, this will come with practice..
    I hope I can play the chords of a full song in rythm soon...





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