Hey guys.

I'm Ratul, I'm from Mumbai. I love music as well as a lot of other stuff. Doing anything fun or naughty to be exact. I love rap and I don't know why I play the guitar despite 90% of my iPod accommodating rap and hip-hop. But I do So hello.

I like doing covers and I write songs. I write poetry(dark and romantic) and I love doing anything fun anytime. I really liked the song 'Tu Gandi' from LSD, so I was referred to this site from Google. I like rock too, but only alternative and other stuff like Placebo,Kings of Leon,Three Days Grace,Fallout Boy,MGMT,Lady Antebellum,Radiohead,Gym Class Heroes,etc.
Feel free to hit me up We can jam if you're nearby.

Good to be here. Peace all.