Hi everyone..
Finally i had the time to complete the IGT membership..i've just started learning guitar..
Music is a beautiful thing and playing something yourself,no matter how bad it sounds, is a treat in itself..
Hope to see some like-minded cool junta here..
I have done my graduation in ECE and am now working in BHEL..
The first thing that i bought with my first salary was a guitar..dint get much time to lay my hands on it but i can now play well enough to please myself..and i think thats really important..:-)
Besides learning guitar,i have my eyes set on some pretty big things but then there's always the "managing your time" part..which is pretty difficult...
we all need to be pushed a little when it comes to achieving something and so do i..blessed are the ones who don't need to..
Rest is good..keep rocking people..and spread the love..