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    May 2011

    Help me...............Finally I decided to complete my childhood dream.....the guitar

    Hi friends,
    This is Vishesh from Mumbai. Music.....oh its life. After many years of saving now have sufficient money to buy a guitar. can you guys please guide me to where I can get origional "Yamaha F310" in Mumbai. And what would be probable cost?????
    Guys please help me.....


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    Akash_Rajoria's Avatar
    Akash_Rajoria is offline Beginner
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    Oct 2009
    Cant say where in Mumbai as I reside in the northern part of the country.. :| will get it for around 6300 bucks.. =) a very good guitar for the beginners..
    Well congrats and all the best for your dream coming true man.. :]
    'Akash Rajoria' ... remember this name..its gonna be famous one day ! :)

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Bhargavas.. Furtados.... you can also order from ... they ship free in Mumbai..

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    May 2011
    Thanks Akash....
    You first one to reply...Thanks for price info. And ur signature!!!!! "wish u'll definitly get the fame u desire".

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    May 2011
    Thanks Rickky.



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