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    Help on buying ACOUSTIC GUITAR

    Hello ppl.....

    I am planning to buy a new acoustic guitar.... I have checked out a few...

    Pluto HW39-201 model - Rs. 3300
    GB&A (dont know the model numbers) - Rs. 3600

    Can you people please suggest which one should i go for...

    Can you people also suggest me some other guitar models which are good Yamaha...and what would be the price for the different models...

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    According to me please dont buy pluto guitars, because you will not be able to use imported strings in that. Yamaha is a good brand but it is little costlier.
    It is better you take some experience guitarist and buy. There are things needs to be checked while buying a guitar. If you need more info mail me at

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    1. Make sure the fretboard is not buckling. Place your eye on the 12th fret and look down the fretboard. You can tell if it is warped
    2. play every string on every fret. Make sure ther is no muffled sound
    3. tone should be warm and mellow, not mettalic
    4. check the nuts to make sure they hold tension - loosen strings and then tighten them and see if they hold the same note as before
    Johnny F
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