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    gkntab is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2011

    Question help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear friends
    am and armature guitarist, in fact i don't know how to play guitar
    friends pls help me from where should i start
    here in our city there's no good guitar teacher
    i even went to some classes but they just coach for the "band baaja troop"
    i want to learn the real guitar
    i have know idea from where should i start to practice the basic tabs
    i own a good GB&A SAG 100CT acoustic guitar

    any pls help me in starting ...........

    thanking you............

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    ayu135 is offline Tabber
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    Sep 2011
    Guitar: Ibanez S570B
    Amplifier: Peavey vypyr 75w
    Pedals: Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive, MI Effects Crunchbox, Blackstar HT-Metal, Boss DD-3, Boss NS-2




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