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    mavabe is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2014

    hello, reliable guitar store in bangalore


    First off, feels great to be a member of this forum .
    Have heard good things about the forum .
    I am a beginner - just started out learning the guitar.
    I am looking for some reliable guitar stores in bangalore.
    What gutar brands should I look at in the 5-7k range?

    hoping to learn a lot and get better at guitaring via the forum.


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    Aug 2003
    Hi Mavabe -

    Firstly, welcome on board. Hope you learn loads being a part of this community.

    Regarding guitar shops, there are quite a few in Bangalore where you can get your hands on instruments.

    Depending on which area you stay can visit these areas :

    MG Road: Reynolds / Sound Glitz
    Koramangala: Furtados
    Indira Nagar - Yamaha show room is around there
    Jaynagar: Music House

    Do leave a message, if you stay in Koramangala / Jaynagar. I can help you get some good discount .

    Indian Guitar Tabs Admin

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    mavabe is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2014
    Hi Super-Admin,

    Oh oh! i should have waited for some more time :-(
    Thanks for the info and the offer :-)
    I picked up a granada prld-18 [paid 6.6K] from Rythm Musicals last weekend.

    By the way, i tried out guitars in a couple of shops.
    Are new guitars a little hard play in the beginning?
    I had a "borrowed" hobner guitar with me [borrowed from a friend].
    The new guitars I tried seemed a harder to play compared to the hobner.
    Would it have to do with higher action/new strings?




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