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    Hello from Pramod (Glad I found this site...)

    Hello everybody,

    Glad to find a bunch of music loving folks in one place.
    I am basically a singer (My crazyness is affectionately appreciated by my dear friends as "Voice of Mukesh").
    I have high end gear in the basement like PreSonus digital mixer, Sennheiser highend cordless mics, etc).
    I sing in the community, fund raisers etc. Basically, I am insanely passionate about music since my childhood.
    Enough about

    I also have a Motif XS7 keyboard which I have been playing on and off. I learned most of it in cluding chords etc.
    by myself. I joined this group hoping to find some Chord progressions for Mukesh songs (Also may be Manna dey etc). What is the best way to search around? I tried Mere Joota Hai and it didn't return anything...

    Please help this crazy Soon, I like to post some songs on youtube.



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    Pramod -

    For keys contact 'Popoya'. She can help you. You'll have to send her a message as she juggles between school and this forum.




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