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Thread: Hello Players

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    SamB is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2009

    Hello Players

    Hi..Just joined IGT...and couldnt wait for the first post ...can see a lot of good material & gr8 people..hopin to collaborate & learn.Was a vocalist for a metal band before.Kinda hopin if any players in Bangalore would be interested in jammin.Listen & influenced by : Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin,Nirvana,Metallica,Ozzy...Keep rockin

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    hii buddy.. and welcome to IGT..nice to hear from you... where do u put up bangalore? even i share same interest as you.. though i'm a beginner but wud definitely love to jam with you.. i also used to be the vocalist for my college band.. but i was into Indian music.. i'm learning guitar and will buy a decent guitar soon..



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