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    indianvisa is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2011

    Red face Hi there new here need help

    hi there

    could any one help me decide what kind of guitar i should buy

    i have no knowledge about it

    yesterday i checked out a guitar shop

    saw givson and granada

    Budget - 3000-4000 inr
    here goes the details
    granada PRS-1 3300rs with a bag free
    givson g215 special 2600rs

    thats it thats the stock they have
    i did observe a difference in the quality of wood and the strings and weight in both of them

    now the question is what should i buy


    givson is last on the list what i observed is that no guitar has its fret boards lacquered what does that mean

    please please give me a suggestion i will be taking 4000rs with me and no one will accompany me while i purchase my guitar so help me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    extra info

    i downloaded lick library acoustic guitar for beginners tutorials
    i downloaded how to make your own guitar videos from youtube

    now i learnt from this that the fret board is made of rose wood and the body of toon wood/maple wood
    it contains a trum rod (which are of different types)

    and of course the bridge the strings (copper, brass, steel)

    should i buy a tuning machine

    how should i take care of the guitar believe me provided the methods i will take good care of my guitar

    as this is my first salary i will be spending it on a guitar

    and if any one is willing to accompany me they are welcomed i live at hyderabad andhra pradesh and will be buying my guitar on 19th/20th of november at music palace, secunderabad

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    Oct 2011
    try to take someone to accompany you even if they know zilch about music
    helps in moral support...
    first pref- Granada
    second pref- GB&A
    but mostly try for a Granada

    Acoustic guitar care and preservation
    Guitar Care and Preservation Tips

    i normally recommend a metrotuner (metronome gives beats plus tuner helps u tune the guitar)
    costs upto 700

    *All the best for your music*

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    indianvisa is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2011
    thank you so much

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    Apr 2010
    you may go for a 12 note pitch pipe also which will cost you 250bucks...go for a cutaway version guitar if will help you in reaching the higher frets easily...granada is a good option...a guess pluto also makes good guitars in your price range...i would say stick to a semi acoustic and not jumbo...jumbo's are usually uncomfortable to beginners...your armpits will pain...go for a full size one ...see which one feels good to your ears and hands...dont worry about electronics and all may use a mic instead or later when you have more money may go for a good preamp...




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