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    Grandad is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2014
    Mew Delhi

    Exclamation Hello i'm a NEWBIE from DELHI need HELP

    I have started playing 2 months ago.Trying to learn from online lessons (
    I have borrwed my friends guitar but now i would like to buy one of my own (its not good to borrow for such long periods right!! :p ).

    MY Budget is 6000-7000 please suggest me a good acoustic guitar. I have heard from a cousin of mine that yamaha F310 is a really good guitar.

    Also suggest me a store to buy from in Delhi( I am not good at bargaining). So please tell me the approx price i can buy the guitar.


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    Hi Grandad,

    Welcome on board. Your choice of guitar is an excellent one. If you get one in 6000 - 7000 range, it's a good bargain.

    Contact @angel_of_sin - ( View Profile: angel_of_sin - Indian Guitar Tabs ). He can give you more input about the guitar and best price.

    Indian Guitar Tabs Admin



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