i joined in way back but havnt been active on the website....

am shourjya (pronounced as shore-joe ) *winks*
am 22 years old studying at jadavpur university ,kolkata

i have been playing guitar for a while now i have a givson acoustic guitar.a givson gs 1000 electric guitar and a recently acquired cort 4 string bass

i had been playing guitars for sometime have some very basic skills,did some stints as rhythm guitarist in a couple of bands here and there recently played bass for a friends band and somehow it stuck hence the cort : )

though am not exactly a newbie but while playing the bas and especially while browsing through the website i feel like a newbie again :P

its great to see so many people involved and such great work done here

hope to learn a lot about bass playing here and contribute a little when i can : )
though i play in a metal oriented band i have immense interest in blues just did never have much patience or chance to move that way

anyways hope to interact a lot more with you people now : )