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    deepu_rdy is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2006

    Cool Guitars Rock!!!!!!

    hi everyone this is deepak.... please help me out guys im desperate to learn the guitar but have absolutely no idea where to begin.... everything i tried has pointed to this beautiful site.... so i hope with the help of all the great guitar heads here i can altleast get to make some acceptable sounds on my guitar.... keep up the good work guys.... keep rockin.....GUITARHEADS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2007
    bhubaneshwar, orissa

    Smile hi there

    welcome to igt hope ya have a fantabulous time keep posting and make new friends here Yeah, right guitar heads rule !!!!!!!!!!

    Genius is in my genes..................................

    Conclusion of a particular subject doesn't exist in reality ....
    The point known as the point of conclusion is the point where the mind grows tired of thinking any more...................



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