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    Thumbs up Guitar Lessons by ISHAN KHERA! ALL OVER INDIA! Must for Advance level lead guitar!

    Guitar Lessons by Ishan Khera, Home tuition all over Delhi-NCR(personally) and Private online lessons all over INDIA!

    More Info:
    Ishan Khera's Page on Facebook

    Videos Of Ishan Khera:
    YouTube Channel for "Ishan Khera"

    Artist BIO:

    After 5 years of dedicated practice, education and performance with Guitar, Sitar and Tabla- now I’m giving guitar lessons in New Delhi (personally) and ONLINE all over India. Inspired by various artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy Mackee, Prem Joshua, Pt. Ravi Shankar, I have developed a unique technique of playing “SITAR on GUITAR”.

    I have decided to open up my own teaching studio in the New Delhi. I have deeply studied various genres of music and mastered different types of Guitar techniques like Legato, Harmonics, Whammy tricks, etc. I have been steadily advancing my experience and knowledge by performing in theatres, bands & orchestras, with many famous musicians & singers. I have also recorded many original instrumental meditative music tracks and perform professionally with players from all around India.

    I have always believed that music lessons of any kind should be fun and friendly as well as challenging. I have also had the honour of learning from some of India’s well known artists(Guitar from “Keshav Dhasmana”, and Sitar from “Srimonto Mazumdar”).


    Beginner - Get started with the right set of tools and encouragement to be learning what you need to know in no time. I will show you how to play your favourite songs, learn chords riffs and solos, read music and have fun. Students will see results very fast with dedicated practice and proper guidance.

    Advanced - Take your playing to the next level by studying with professional guitarist. Learn advanced techniques (Different types of harmonics, whammy tricks, legato, shredding, sweep picking, etc.) and methods for improvising, theory and overall musicianship. Prepare for a college audition or recording date or help with a live performance piece.

    Casual - Pick up where you left off and clear up some gaps in your knowledge of the guitar, renew your practice habits and things will start to sound fresh again in no time. Learn about chords theory and improvising in a relaxed casual environment with the right encouragement to see you move forward!



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