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    Thumbs up Greetings Friends.

    Hello friends.

    I am new to this forum. Learning guitar since the past 4 months. Visited this site often during past four months as guest. Finally registered.

    Hope to improve with your help.

    By the way a tiny help is what I need. I had posted a thread in the marathi section in relation to a strumming pattern. It has not got any replies. I guess non-marathi people may not be visiting that section too often. Could you please give that thread a 'dekko'. It doesn't apply in particular to marathi so you people can also help me out. Its just that I was looking for a way to play a particular strumming pattern and didn't know any non-marathi song.

    my first thread - Need Guitar Chords (and Strumming Pattern) for 'Bhajani Theka'

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to IGT ,

    Hope you Enjoy your time here, and learn new things , and possibly Share your Knowledge .
    Please Browse for Correct Section Before Posting Threads .

    Strumming -

    You should start Basic Strumming Before Learning Songs . Just Play Chords Sets ( google them ) And use Basic Strumming

    Basic 1 - D-D-D-D
    Basic 2 - DU-DU-DU-DU
    Basic 3 - D - D - du - D - D - du
    Basic 4 - Dud - Dud - Dud - Dud

    American Pop - D-D-D-dududu

    There is a Long list , Practise This Strumming Pattern and Perfect Them , and In Future you will be Surprised that most of the Songs are Based on this Strumming Patterns . With Just little Variations .

    So Just Practise hard // Regards - Rahul
    ThE FuNnIEsT ThINg AbOut tHIs pARtiCuLAr sIGnAtuRE iS ThAt bY tHe tIMe yOU rEaLIZe iT DoEsN'T sAy anYTHiNG AND iT'S tO laTE tO sTOp rEaDINg



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