I am a Network Engineer by profession and drummer by heart and a musician by dreams. I have a passion for music and love it in every form. After working hard for years in corporate sector, now I wish to do something to feed my hunger for music or something related to drumming. I've been learning to play drums since past 8 months. I have picked up really fast. Though, I have been mostly self-taught but I am most fortunate to always have friends and people around me to open doors and direct me to the next level. I am a quick learner. And most importantly I have the passion and sincerity for learning music and getting better and better.

I am open to all genres of music. I have performed drums solo twice on stage in the last 6 months. I am currently pursuing Trinity guildhall Drums graded exams. I have set some goals and am trying my best to develop skills so I can get into a Rock Band in Bangalore by feb next year. The only set back I have is that I live in an apartment which does not allow me to practice acoustic drums as I would like, so i'm planning to sound proof my room by next year, buy a good set which should allow me to develop advanced metal drumming skills. So far, I am happy with the progress I am making and I feel very fortunate that I am pursuing my a passion and finally working on getting better at something that I thoroughly enjoy.

Please feel free to contact me if anyone in Bangalore is interested to involve me in their Jam sessions or anyone who's forming a new band(whose current requirement is to play intermediate beats for rock or any genre.) and if there is room to grow along with the Band. Thanks.

Rakesh Hegde