There are some dreams which you simply can't stop chasing. I had a dream too. Dream of being able to play a Guitar. But my parents always kept insisting to go a learn vocals which I never did as I thought I am good enough singer and dont want to learn Vocals. Of course I was wrong but I still do not regret that. What I regret is not getting to learn how to play a Guitar.
Well, better late than never. I started learning Guitar around 3 years back, didnt like the teacher much and quit in less than a month! Once again, I have not given up on learning and I learn chords from youtube videos and other forums. Now before I develop an ear to pick the chords just by listening to songs, I needed a forum which can help me getting the chords for the songs I like. And here I am, at the perfect place to find what I need.

I hope to learn as much as possible from all you guitar champions and also contribute as much as I can once I am capable of contributing.