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Thread: Faiz here

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    Faiz here

    Hey. Ok here goes... Im 21, very lazy... and all i care about is eating, sleeping and music. I play both the guitar and the bass. M a decent lyricist, and i listen mostly to classic rock. I like metal too... mostly power metal. I like funk and jazz too... and have nothing against any kind of music. Simply put, what i do not like, i will not listen to. i will not diss any kinda music, unless it really is that bad, and IF AND ONLY IF made it myself.

    So play, listen and keep dreaming.
    A sacred privilege is flight.Like a distracted star,i lose my exterior,my constant,my irrelative variable..I lose myself.I elevate.I drift into Holy Winds of Babylon.I have no fear.I have no weakness.My only flaw is that I am human,yet I am blessed.The Trinities lead me on my path to Heaven,cursed with the shadows of dessicated angels. Welcome to my world. Welcome to Nativity. Welcome to creation.

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    bhubaneshwar, orissa

    Smile hi

    Hi there faiz welcome to IGT and do u mind my telling u that we are alike in many respects............. anyways have a gr88888888888888888888 time.


    Genius is in my genes..................................

    Conclusion of a particular subject doesn't exist in reality ....
    The point known as the point of conclusion is the point where the mind grows tired of thinking any more...................




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