Up until the early 1800s, schooners, Ferry Booking in Andaman clippers and other kinds of sailing ships were the primary means of transportation across the Channel. Unfortunately, these vessels tended to be dangerous and uncomfortable. The sailing ships of that time were built for war and cargo. Broken masts, torn sails and shipwrecks were regular occurrences due to the rough winds and waters of the Channel. The strength of the wind, or lack thereof, played a major role in the length and comfort of the journey. Seasickness was very common as well.

Furthermore, early sailing ships had to drop their anchors out in the harbors or in deeper waters offshore. Passengers had to transfer to small boats in order to reach the ports. The ever changing ocean tides also posed a challenge, as ships could only enter harbors at high tide to avoid damage to their hulls. Accurate schedules were impossible to maintain because of this. Travel by sailing ship was also quite costly. Because of this, channel crossings were mainly limited to wealthy people, missionaries, soldiers and sailors. http://searchandaman.com/category/ferry-or-cruise