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Contracts in general and auto transport contract in particular are legally binding documents. It serves as the law between you and the car transportation company and therefore you are both expected to observe it faithfully. If any of you fails to comply with its clauses, the party that has been maligned can readily seek legal recourse.
Now you have to remember that contracts are pre-made documents and when you ship your car, you just go there and sign it. These documents are obviously created in favor of the auto transport companies and in case of disputes they will readily resort to this for protection. That being the case, you have to know what is written in it in order that you also are protected. Here they are:
This guide has one purpose in mind and that is to equip you with the rudimentary skill when dealing with auto transport contracts. This is especially useful to those who are shipping their cars for the first time and have no idea how they are going to go about it. Car transportation is indeed a bit difficult but if you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, your task becomes easier. It is for your own good that you read this guide first, so read on.
You should not trust any verbal promises but rather, ask that it should be made in writing. These promises can be discounts, extra services and freebies. If they are not in writing, they don't exist legally and therefore you have no claim in it.Car Carriers in Gurgaon

If you notices, contracts are drafted in such a way that the letters virtually microscopic and if you are not careful, there are clauses that are hidden beneath those letters that has some important ramifications in the shipping process. If it needs be, get a magnifying glass and read those clauses carefully.
Not only should you read the contract, you have to understand it as well and if you are having a difficult time, consult a lawyer. The cost, deductibles, pickup and delivery dates, insurance coverage and other important things should be understood properly because it is here that disputes usually occur.

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