We all know of the importance of calcium in our diet to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. But how much have you heard about its fat-busting properties? Organic Health Protocol Review Recent research reveals that this bone strengthener may also be a fat blaster! A growing body of evidence indicates that a diet rich in calcium allows us to burn more calories per day. There is also some evidence that when calcium levels in the body are low the brain detects this and stimulates feelings of hunger, causing us to eat more. Conversely, medium to high levels send signals to the brain communicating that we are full, suppressing the desire to eat more.

It has also been suggested that increasing calcium in the diet may reduce the transportation of fat from the intestines into the bloodstream. The calcium binds with bile acids to increase the amount of fat we excrete trough the bowel, so instead of storing it, we lose it! Milk is a valuable source of calcium up until about the age of 18, when we are still growing. Thereafter we can have too much of a good thing. Milk with our morning cereals, milk in our coffee and tea, butter on our toast, cream in our cakes, cheese in our sandwiches and snacks... the list goes on.


The protein in milk can acidify the blood, and our bodies are forced to extract calcium from our bones to counteract this. Furthermore, milk fat can contribute to inflammation within the body and possible intolerance to lactose, the sugar in milk products. To prevent this debilitating condition while still reaping the calcium benefits, less is definitely more on the dairy front. The 2-week fat loss diet achieves this by only including yogurt, which actually improves lactose absorption thanks to its active live cultures, and certain cheeses that fall into the low lactose category.