It is interesting to note the fashion trends in terms of the technology that surrounds us. For individuals, educated in the technological and communications world, there are some very fashionable items that are really interesting. If you have had the opportunity to see someone using a binary watch, you will find these machines very interesting. Technology itself, is nothing new, it must be remembered that these watches, are binary based; status can be on or off, interpreted by numbers these are in State 0 or 1; zero representing Off and one representing On. Rather, the people close to the current technology such as the Internet, or that understands the world of electronic information, finds these ornaments, ideal for wearing and stay contemporary.The Money Glitch Review

Without a doubt people who feel most connected with such technology and also look for fashion, find these gadgets very attractive. The fact is that these watches are not difficult to understand and second, due to its innovative models, makes them extremely attractive pieces to ware on any occasion. Furthermore, you will definitely be asked by more than one person whether what you carry in your wrist is a watch or what?.

Contrary to what you might think, the binary system, or base two, is a very simple system, which is built with lights (LED. Its operation, is simply based the states of the lights, with base two numbers (binary system) already included (to avoid having to calculate the base two number, the full number is put on top of the light), thus simplifying their understanding. These lights are deployed in two rows, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top represents the hours and the lower part, represents minutes. The lights at the top, represent the hours, if there are more than one light in an On state the numbers are added the hours are obtained. Likewise below if the lights are on these are added and the minutes are obtained.

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