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    Unhappy Basic song chords to play guitar

    i m habu
    this is my 1st msg
    i want 2 no the basic chords to play the guitar

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    Hey, usually when you have a general question like can simply search online for it. I took the liberty of doing it for you this time:
    anshphenomenon: so let's get married..and let's ping!
    petunia: ..and have little PING PONGS!! lmfao..
    anshphenomenon: beti ping
    anshphenomenon: beta pong

    (`'.(`'. .') .')

    "I had not achieved success; but i had provoked an uproar; and the sensation that followed was so agreeable that I resolved to try again."..George Bernard Shaw. <3

    (`'.(`'. .') .')



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