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    Absolute Beginers: How and where to start???

    Hello There,

    Any absolute beginners out there, how do you start????

    I do understand that music like any art is a journey (I paint/sketch and am always learning and reinventing).

    What I need is a place to start.
    Practically I already did start with buying a new Guitar and a Tuner.
    NOW WHAT??????


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    first tune ur guitar...then see the videos lessons of english song and tabs....see how they move the fingers..Keep one thing in mind guitar is just like a keyboard where fret are the key storks all u need is to explore how to find perfect sound.... I started playing guitar 1 yr back get inspiration from hotel california song...Instead of learning the basics I directly started playing this song.....It's really hardest song for beginner...2 month practice i got the whole song....hardest u try faster u get

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