If you looked at a picture of your ancestors from 10,000 years ago, what do you think you would see? Some frumpy skinny guy sitting in front of his fire all day, <a The Achievable Body Review sending smoke signals to other tribes (First Facebook). Or would you see a lean and mean hunter equipped with a spear and a six-pack ready at a moments notice to defend his tribe? I'd put my money on the latter.

We've come a long way since then, but the one thing that's changed the most is the food we eat. You think that this hunter (let's call him Greg) had creatine, BCAA's or steroid ****s to pop? Hell no. He had to build his strength and muscles the old-fashioned way. Hunting down buffalo, carrying big logs for fire, and building his house with his bare hands. He had big muscles because he needed them. How else would he face down a mountain lion who was looking to Greg's kids for dinner. How do I know this? If Greg hadn't made sure his family survived, you wouldn't be sitting here reading this article.


But Greg also cheated. He was equipped with wisdom to know which plants and herbs in the forest would help him. Some plants were poisonous, while others would heal. He probably also knew which plants would help him grow strong. Herbs like Ginger and Chamomile would help him go to sleep and recover, and he would use Echinacea and Goldenseal for wounds. Without a broad range of knowledge of herbs and plants, it would have been very difficult for Greg to make it.