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    Smile Reg:selection of amps.

    A big hello to all fellas out thr.... eta aamar protom post. I wud ask for all u pros advise on what amps to choose for my acoustic. I am nearly a beginner and so do not know much about amps.. all i know is that Marshall amps r good,so i tried searching and came up with two of them. a 10 watt at 4000/- and a 15 watt @ 6000/-. If you can suggest me which one to prefer and if other altenatives i have below 5000/-, I'll be indebted indeed. Thanks in advance

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    U can get the Marshall MG15, which is a great amp with nice sounding distortion, but it is meant more for an electric guitar. If you use an acoustic, make sure you have a good quality pickup installed. And by the way, you will get the MG15 at much lower prices at Kolkata stores. For details, send me a PM.

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    As Sayan said, the MG-15 is for electric guitars. I believe there are some Laney acoustic amps available - try to go for those.
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